Acoustic Solutions for Your Workplace

Explore our range of products designed to not only reduce noise and reverberation, but to bring your workspace to life. All products are created bespoke for you and handmade by our team in Yorkshire.

Acoustic Tiles

Bespoke made acoustic panels to transform any space

Acoustic Art Panels

Stunning acoustic art, made to fit your space

Acoustic Baffle

Improve sound quality with the AgileBaffle

Acoustic Ceiling Raft

A growing range of on-trend acoustic rafts

Suspended Acoustic Ceiling Panels

A twist on the classic acoustic ceiling raft

Hanging Acoustic Clouds

Cloud shaped acoustic baffles

Acoustic Screen

Bespoke made, Class A absorber freestanding screens

Hanging Acoustic Cubes

A contemporary and bold style

Acoustic Shelving & Divider Screen

Combining storage and acoustics in a modular fashion

Unique Acoustic Hanging Raft

Combining fluid design and acoustics

Acoustic Plinth

Our latest Agile Working innovation

Hanging Acoustic Shades

Acoustic light shades for all spaces

Acoustic Breakout & Agile Seating

Acoustics for agile working environments