Acoustic Baffles



Improve the sound quality in your corporate premises with the AgileBAFFLE – a brand new innovation from AgileAcoustics. Offering excellent sound-absorption qualities, this new product creates a striking impression in any space.

An interesting focal point, it can be incorporated into your business with ease. In a variety of sizes, each of which can be customised to your space, the AgileBAFFLE is yet another new design from our team.



Triangle Pop-out Baffle

Combining our fantastic TileAcoustics pop-out style with our range of acoustic baffles can create some very interesting solutions. The Triangle pop-out Baffle merges the reliability of our standard suspended Baffles with the creativity of out TileAcoustcis panels to give you a great acoustic absorber panel.

We’re proud to team up with long-standing textiles brand, Abraham Moon & Sons, too. Providing a huge range of colours – from blues and greens to vibrant oranges, purples and reds, the firm understands our desire to provide truly unique solutions to businesses up and down the country.

Want to know more about how the AgileBAFFLE can improve the sound quality in your business? Get in touch with our team today.