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Re. Freestanding Acoustic Screens

Hello Stuart,

They have been very well received. It's a tricky area that they are being used in due to noise ingress from the open floors above the area however the trainers using the area have found the screens to be very helpful in managing noise between the spaces and absorbing sound.

There are a few things that have come up time and again from a number of people.

1. Height - your screens are a useful height where as some products on the market are only half the height so provide more decorative feature rather than actually performing a function.

2. No gap! As they sit on flat feet and the screens are all the way to the floor there is no noise coming through at floor level and it gives people a feeling of being enclosed.

3. Well-made and genuinely absorbing sound - so many times a product looks good but doesn't have any acoustic performance to it where as these screens have received a number of comments about their quality.

As I say, they are being used in a tricky space but have made a difference and are helping to make the space useable.


Thanks Stuart. Yes, we all agree that the panels have made a great difference to the working environment and they fit in perfectly too.  We are all very happy with the decision to have them installed and to use AgileAcoustics.  You guys have provided a great service from start to finish!


Hi Stuart, We have had some really positive feedback with how they look and they certainly make a difference with the acoustics in the Reception area.

Thanks for getting them installed so quickly.


Good afternoon Stuart

The project has been a fantastic success and has been very much appreciated by the staff and pupils alike.  It is interesting that some thought the tiles were there just for aesthetic purposes!  There is a noticeable oasis of calm whilst the junior school pupils are having lunch and conversations can be held around the table not just with the person sitting next to you.

For me, the difference has been tremendous and I totally underestimated what we were buying in to.

Thank you so much for a brilliant job and very well done.


Hi Stuart,

We have been really impressed by the quality of the acoustic panels that we have had installed in our conference room. There is a marked difference in the sound performance of the room with little to no reverberation when using the space. In particular, our large panel using the Adobo fabric looks great as a standalone piece and it works really well as a projection surface. The image clarity is brilliant and the panels have become a very practical decorative addition to our office.

PRC Architecture & Planning


Messages received from two users of the space post install…

It's unbelievable. People were coming in today without a desk to sit at so the place was full to the brim but it was not in any way noisy. Just a delicate background hum, I'm well impressed!

Hey, just wanted to say I think the sound proofing is absolutely awesome. It looks great and is ridiculously effective! Money well spent, I love it!


The acoustic panels you supplied for us have made a tremendous difference. Two members of staff who have hearing difficulties now say that the space is bearable for them, even at lunchtimes – and they can have a conversation and hear what is being said.


Hi Stuart,

I wanted to share some feedback with you on the panels, the acoustic effect is great, our video conferencing experience in that room has definitely improved, our people love it! Great stuff!

Thanks a lot

Hi Stuart

The praise is no more than is deserved.  We are almost overwhelmed with the look, finish, fitting and amazingly enough effectiveness of the panels.  One tres bon happy bunny.

With thanks and have a great weekend.


Hi Stuart

The feedback has been great, the children commented on how quiet the hall was creating a much calmer atmosphere at lunchtimes.  The younger children who had not experienced the lunchtime experience were calm and relaxed due to the lower noise levels.  The visual experience for the children was wonderful and many faces were turned upwards in awe of the sky and clouds.

The staff have also commented on the effects of the panels and are extremely impressed with the effects. Once again we feel that this project was worth every penny and are satisfied with the results.