With Acoustic Rafts becoming more popular in the workplace we just had to develop our own range… say hello to AgileRAFT.

We have multiple design options in development, with horizontal, vertical and angle mounted Baffles, and we can even make bespoke sizes to fit your space. With a huge range of colour options, we’re sure we can create the exact look you need.

But our Raft designs are not just about looking good, acoustic performance was high on the credentials list. So each Baffle is a Class A absorber i.e. the best acoustic performance available.

Watch this space for new Raft designs coming very soon!

AgileRAFT (Waffle)

Let us introduce our new lattice baffle AgileRAFTs aka Waffle Raft! These rafts are created almost entirely from our acoustic baffles, meaning that you get even more acoustic coverage and more importantly you can create and design your own shape as the baffles are completely modular.

The Waffle Raft works great in any space as it is available in almost any size, and a wide variety of wool fabric colours.