Typically, Restaurants are designed with lots of hard surfaces; it makes them much easier to clean! However, all the hard surfaces make them very reverberant and the noise levels can be very high and uncomfortable, particularly for the hard of hearing.

By adding some absorber panels or acoustic tiles to your restaurant, dining hall or café space you can dramatically improve the reverberation time, which will make your customers dining experience much more pleasant. Action on Hearing Loss have some really interesting research with regards to Restaurant Acoustics, read more about their Speak Easy campaign.

We recently completed a TileAcoustics ceiling tile install at Aldo's Italian in Bradford with great success, see our Case Study and install pics. below. 

If you don’t have much wall space in your restaurant, TileAcoustics is the perfect solution for the ceiling. We can cut Tiles in any shape or size and provide them with bespoke printed imagery or off-the-shelf fabrics. They are also very quick and easy to install.