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What is agile working?!

You’ve probably heard the term ‘agile working’ quite a lot…but what does it actually mean? In short, it’s a way of working that empowers employees to complete projects how and where they choose.

Offering maximum flexibility and minimal constraints, it allows your team to work harder – and smarter. So, why wouldn’t you get on board with this idea? After all, it could boost office-based morale and lead to greater efficiency.

To recap, here’s why agile working is a great idea:

·  It’ll empower your employees

·  It offers a flexible approach to work and creates a relaxed, hot-desking environment

·  It allows for boosted morale and greater efficiency.

When you consider that, according to The BBC, hot desking is just one way you can cut working costs – by up to 30%, apparently, it can seem like quite an enticing prospect.

There’s no doubt about it…agile working is increasingly important in the workplace. With technology taking centre stage, with the ability to log on to vital systems wherever we are, it stands to reason that this way of working is appealing – and not just for the employee. Of course, the employer reaps the rewards, too; by listening to the wants and needs of staff, you’ll be creating a more positive environment.

Agile Working Environments


For agile working to benefit everyone, CEOs should first accept that they may need to alter their mindset. It’s key to your future that you show willingness to adapt, with an agile working environment often having a huge impact on all involved.

Here are a just a few examples of an agile workplace:

Flexi-time and Telecommuting

Create an agile working environment that allows for flexi-time and telecommuting. In this scenario, employees would be encouraged to ‘switch up’ how they work, collaborating from the office in the morning, for example, and working together from a café in the afternoon. A flexible ‘working away from the office’ arrangement could also work, as could a co-working hub.

An Autonomous Workplace

Give your employees the responsibility of working towards their own goals and quality standards and you’ll be nurturing a truly agile working environment. By doing so, you’ll be increasing efficiency and ensuring your workforce is happier.

A Tech-focused environment

Don’t underestimate how important tech is – especially in the agile working environment. So, consider embracing all things tech with open arms. Helping people achieve their goals more easily, tech can streamline processes and allow your staff to hit deadlines faster.

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Agile Projects We’re Working On

Here at Agile Acoustics, we’re constantly evolving our product line to ensure it complements modern ways of working. The clue’s in the name really, isn’t it? The AgilePLINTH is just one of many innovations which allows companies to work smarter. It’s easy to transport from office to café (and anywhere in between) and it makes for truly comfortable – and flexible – working.

Meanwhile, our Agile Screens allow your employees to work independently with minimal noise-based distractions – but we’ve a whole host of other products up our sleeves too.

Think your workplace could benefit from becoming an agile work environment? Simply get in touch with the team here Agile Acoustics and we’d be happy to have a chat.