Introducing the AgilePLINTH

Say hello to the AgilePLINTH – one of the latest innovations from the team here at AgileAcoustics. But what is it – and what can it do for you and your business? Read on for more…

A great acoustic absorber, the product will help your employees work smarter – and harder – thanks to the immense comfort and design benefits of this handy laptop pedestal (it works really well with keyboards too). Helping to reduce the noise levels in your space, the product is the epitome of ‘agile working’.

Take a look at our unique design below (Registered Design # 6054041).


What is agile working, then? It’s basically a way of getting stuff done – in a smarter and more efficient way. In short, it allows an organisation to give its workforce the opportunity to work where, when and however they choose. Affording maximum flexibility, it ensures optimum efficiency, too – and who wouldn’t want that?!

A fantastic addition for office CEOs who are keen to create a more agile working environment, the innovation allows employes to whip out their laptop and get comfy wherever they are. With pockets for cables, pens and whatever else you might need to hand, the elevated plinth is comfortable, practical and stylish, too. But did you expect anything less from the Agile Acoustics team?!

Of course, the AgilePLINTH is available in a host of colours – upholstered in Abraham Moon wool in a scheme to complement your décor – meaning it’ll fit right in to any space. Light enough to be carried around the office with ease, the AgilePLINTH can be used on your lap, on a desk…on a train…wherever you like. We’ve made it so it works with you, not against you – and you’ll feel confident carrying it around, too.


The ultimate work accessory, the innovation even looks the part when it’s not in use – and with a range of colourways and embroidery options on offer, it’ll blend into your décor with ease.


Sleek and cleverly-made, the AgilePLINTH is yet another concept from our forward-thinking design team here at AgileAcoustics. It’s just one of our inventions in our ’50 Products in 50 Weeks’ challenge. Of course, we do New Year’s resolutions properly here at our HQ – and this is just one of many innovations still to come.


Like this product? We think it’ll make a great addition to your space, as it allows for easy integration into your workplace and can be transported from office to boardroom with little fuss.


It can even be used outside; the pockets mean you can keep all your important cables and USBs protected – and you can simply pick up the plinth and transport it to your next meeting or one-to-one.

Keen to hear how we can create AgilePLINTHS for your office space? Get in touch with our team today to discuss your requirements.