Working on projects predominantly in the office acoustics sector, our range of wall, ceiling and freestanding acoustic panel solutions will transform your space and improve its sound quality. In meeting rooms and conference spaces specifically, our solutions have helped businesses like yours get the most out of their premises; you only need to take a look at some of our more recent client installs (below) to see how our work has benefited businesses up and down the UK.

Offering a free site survey to enable us to design the best solution for your space, our team designs hard-working acoustic solutions for noisy corporate premises throughout the country. Manufacturing our acoustic panels and tiles at our Yorkshire-based facility, AgileAcoustics offers the very best quality and fantastic lead times.

Collaborating with Abraham Moon & Sons, and Camira Fabrics, we offer our clients a wide range of wool and fabric in a vast array of colours and textures. Using a dye sublimation print process, we can also print any image or colour on your fabric via our innovative bespoke printing service.

Office Acoustic Art Panels
Acoustic Ceiling Panels
acoustic art wall panels
printed acoustic ceiling panels

That’s not all, though! We’ve also developed large, bespoke acoustic solutions for Call Centre Acoustics and received excellent client feedback, see our testimonials page to discover how we transformed such a huge space, working smoothly and efficiently to get the job done with minimal downtime for the client.

Think you could benefit from our solutions, too? AgileAcoustics and TileAcoustics offer a host of solutions which provide the right amount of absorption for your space. We can’t wait to transform your workplace – and the way you work.