AgileAcoustics work predominantly in the office acoustics sector. Our wall, ceiling and freestanding acoustic panel solutions work very well in the workplace, in particular, in meeting room or conference spaces. See some of our recent client installs below.

We design acoustic solutions for noisy workplaces across the UK and offer a free site survey so we can design the best solution for your space. And we manufacture all of our own acoustic panels and Tiles in-house, in our Yorkshire-based manufacturing facility, so you can be assured of the very best quality and lead times.

Wool fabrics are very popular right now and we work with Abraham Moons and Camira Fabrics to offer a wide range of colours and textures. However, we also bespoke print acoustic fabrics using a dye sublimation print process so we can print any image or colour – our print quality is superb!

ncc group_wall and ceiling panels.jpg

We have also developed large, bespoke acoustic solutions for Call Centre Acoustics and received excellent client feedback, see our testimionials page. 

Whatever noisy office solution you need, AgileAcoustics and TileAcoustics have many innovative solutions that will provide the right amount of absorption for your space. We look forward to working with you and transforming the acoustics in your office or workplace.