Acoustic Hanging Screen


Looking for an acoustic solution which serves a purpose while also looking the part in your office, restaurant or education spaces? The AgileSCREEN/Gates is it!

It can be manufactured in a host of colours – using a beautiful range of wool from long-standing textiles brand, Abraham Moon & Sons – the AgileSCREEN/Gates is also available in a striking collection of designs. Made to complement your space, it can be crafted in any size, too – and it’s as practical as it is aesthetically-pleasing.

Liven up your corporate or hospitality premises with a unique acoustic solution, which can incorporate diamonds, squares, leaves – even speech bubbles or marks.



AgileSCREEN/Hang #2

This variation on our fantastic hanging AgileSCREEN incorporates a solid blocker core along with our amazing acoustic panels, creating the perfect dividing screen.

Create stunning visuals with the endless possibilities of designs that can be cut from the blocker core to create a unique space, while drastically improving the acoustics in the surrounding area.



Designed to work in open spaces, the cut-out holes you see in the screens provide a light and ‘open’ ambience to a room, without compromising its acoustic performance. Installation is simple and swift and these innovative pieces are stitched by hand. With a standard size of 2000 x 950mm, custom shapes and designs are also on offer.

Allow us to transform your space with this pioneering solution; simply get in touch with our team to learn more.