One of the latest innovations here at AgileAcoustics, the AgileSCREEN/Edison (Registered Design pending) takes its sub-name from one of the world’s most respected inventors.

Thomas Edison was known for the phonograph and the motion picture camera, as well as the practical, electric lightbulb – so who better to use as our product’s namesake than the man himself?

AgileSCREEN/Edison offers something different for the workplace. It’s completely unique to the ubiquitous flat panel screen and can be upholstered in a range of colours, from teal green to vivid orange, or even hot pink. And as you would expect with an Agile product, it has best-in-class (Class A) acoustic performance for absorbing noise in any office space.

A unique freestanding acoustic screen is an eye-catching solution for any space. Edison Screen #1 is made with a Triangle-profile Baffle, but as you will see below, we are developing a range Baffle profiles that will offer a myriad of design options.