Biophilic Design is proven to help create a healthier, happier workplace so we’re very excited to launch AgilePLANTER, our first acoustic freestanding screen with space for planting evergreens etc.

We can supply the screens with or without plants, and make them completely bespoke to fit your space. This Leaf screen design is our first design of many screen designs to follow. AgilePLANTERs are very effective sound absorbers (Class A absorbers) and can be upholstered in a huge range of fabric colours to compliment your space.

We’ve been thinking about combing acoustics and biophilia for a while now, watch this space for lots more exciting developments coming soon.




Continuing with our fantastic green, biophilic designs, we’ve created a wall planter that not only brigtens up the room but also helps improve the acoustics too.

Our AgileWALL PLANTER is great for adding a splash of design and life to any space and will help improve the acoustics in your meeting and conference spaces.